Traditional Rwandan made Basket Black, White,Red star

These hand-made baskets are weaved by Rwandan women, and they are made of natural fibres of Sisal and Sweet grass and dyes. Each item is unique, hence there are differences in size and colour.

They can be used for practical purposes such as:

  • Bread/fruit bowl
  • Keys/Jewell holders

Or for décor, ie: wall art, displayed as a centrepiece in the house or at ceremonies.

All proceeds from the sale of this item go back to Rwanda



Additional information

The tradition of baskets waving is ancient in Rwanda, and they are an everyday item traditionally used by many Rwandan households in collecting small amount of food such as vegetables, grains. and fruits or given as a gift.

The idea behind this project of promoting and selling these baskets in Australia came from a heart of always wanting to support those whom we share a history with, the survivors of the 1994 genocide against Tutsis of Rwanda.  We source them from a group of women in Rwanda and this is a fair-trade business that will enable these women to feed and educate their children. It helps them get their DIGNITY back.

Baskets weaving was used by these survivors as an opportunity to sit together and socialise at the end of an exhausting day. This gathering became a tool of reconciliation that Wall Art brought together women from the two ethnic groups who didn’t trust each other after what happened during the genocide. They have been named the “Peace Baskets”. This practice became a way to rebuild themselves by generating income from these baskets.

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